Top Options for Weave Hairstyles 2014

Weave Hairstyles 2014Weave Hairstyles 2014

If you are having a bad hair day, then the solution might be weave hairstyles 2014. Also known as hair extensions, hair weaves will dramatically improve the appeal of your tresses without the risk of damaging. More importantly, it can give your hair a funky and fashionable twist from what you used to.

Weave hairstyles have been in vogue these days. Whether you want to wear a new look or improve the quality of your tresses, here are some options for weave up-do.

- Natural look. For sensational-looking hair, you can go for hair extensions that can give you the natural look. Examples of which are the wavy and straight quick weaves. At this point, you ease yourself from expensive hair straightening and demanding hair curling.

- Bang Weave. If you want to give your round or heart-shaped face a leaner look, just simply add a thick bang weave on the crown. It will look elegant and modish for both casual and formal events.

- Fancy Highlights. Striking hair demands great effort and it is not attainable in an instant. You may consider going to a salon everyday, but having fancy highlights from hair extensions is very much convenient. Just go for lighter shades or colors that complement well with your skin tone.

- Colored Hair. Weave styling is an exceptional substitute for chemical coloring of your tresses. In the nutshell, hair extensions can give you the vibrant appeal without worrying on the future effects of hair colors.

From a list of weave hairstyles 2014, it is only right to say that hairstyling comes in an assortment. Despite the range of options, these hair extensions have its own way of addressing fashion concerns of women. In the long run, any woman will be satisfied with the result.