Trendy hairstyles for 2014

Trendy hairstyles for 2014Trendy hairstyles for 2014What they are talking new trends for hairstyles this year?

Trendy hairstyles for 2014 provide a great change for your everyday fashion. They are the latest and hottest trends that will make you look even more fashionable next year. Whether you are preparing a new look for work or holiday getaway, next year’s hairstyles will surely live to everyone’s expectation.

Trendy Hairstyles for Men

- Mohawk. One of the few hairstyles for men that never run out of fashion. It brings a mature touch while allowing you to look fresh and cool. This is best for round or oval face and is suitable for thick and wavy hair. The great thing is, it doesn’t require hair gel to keep the style in place.

- Zayn Malik Hairstyle. This is mostly popular among teenager. It is easy to achieve and maintain with the help of hair cream and blow dryer. It fits great for men with oval, square and heart-shaped faces.

- David Beckham Hairstyle. If you happen to have a wavy or curly hair texture and want to look as dashing as David Beckham, opt for this hair trend. It offers a masculine look that not all hairstyles can provide. While this work for men with oval and long face, those with round and square faces should avoid this.

- Spiky Hairstyle. This looks sophisticated and sexy on men who always attend formal and elegant events. It has a way in attracting and leaving a good impression on women.

Trendy Hairstyles for Women

- Curls and wavy hairstyles. Curls and wavy hairstyles are good for medium and long tresses. You can wear it any occasion and will help you look chic and glam.

- Long straight with bangs. This is a good choice for those who enjoy straight hair and want a cut that doesn’t require much styling. To avoid looking dull and boring, you can colour your hair that suits best your skin tone.

- Long bob. This is characterized as flat long bob under the shoulder. It doesn’t have bangs, fridges and layers but one of the cuts you will surely love. It works best on straight hair texture.

- Short hairstyle (for round face and heart shaped-face). 2013 offers awesome short hairstyles and the trend will go on until 2014. This year, short hairstyles were proven to be still feminine no matter how short the cut is. Just make sure to choose the right cut for your face shape to avoid looking awful.

Trendy hairstyles for 2014 are without a doubt exciting and must-try. They are yours for the taking however, you must always consider the best style that suits your personality best.