Top hairstyles for 2014

Top hairstyles for 2014Top hairstyles for 2014

What would be the top hairstyles for 2014?

Top hairstyles for 2014 are contemporary and trendy. In fact, they are a breath of fresh air considering the defined hairstyles and trends we have seen in recent seasons. You can expect that this year is all about hairstyles that can give you a natural and masculine look. So, what’s hot and what’s not? Read on to find out!

 Top hairstyles for men 2014

Top hairstyles for men 2014Top hairstyles for men 2014- High top styles. If you want to achieve a natural look, then this is the best hairstyle you can get. You will also appear beach ready and manly with this trend.

- Super short crops. This is a hairstyle that will reward you with a masculine and clean look. Super short crops will leave your hair at its shortest length that is easy to manage and style.

- Sleek side comb. Looking timeless and attractive is very possible with this hairstyle. If you happen to have a natural straight hair, sleek side comb will surely complement you.

- James hairstyle. One of the top hairstyles for men 2014 that is ideal for mid-texture, mid-length and mid-curly hair. With this trend, you will be confident to face any social situations as you can sport it to the office or to the beach with less effort.

- Messy crop. If you want to be a trendsetter, then go for this hairstyle. The messy crop can be worn up or down with you looking stylish, comfortable and striking. It can also be accentuated to your face shape and jaw line.

- Messy top cut. What’s best about this style is that it works to different hair types. It is also great if you have a busy lifestyle and has a little time in keeping your hair in shape but still want to look stylish.

- Peaked jagged cut. This is another trendsetter that will provide you flexibility even if your hair is a little longer. With a natural straight or wavy hair, you certainly can wear this hairstyle as best as celebrities do.

Top hairstyles for 2014 are indeed timeless and trendy. They can help you make a great impression and a masculine look that can draw women close to you. But of course, never forget that a healthy and natural hair is what binds these hairstyles together.