Summer haircuts 2014

Summer haircuts 2014Summer haircuts 2014Are you looking for the best hairstyles for summer?

As the heat starts to thrill you, you need to look fascinating with a summer haircut 2014 that fits you well. You need to enjoy your summer without getting disturbed by your haircut. It is also the time to give yourself a beautiful reward and get rid of bad hair days regardless of the heat.

Summer haircuts 2014 for men

- The Long Tuft. This haircut emphasizes the eyes that soften your face. It can be combed backwards with a slight touch of gel. It is also the style ideal for those who really want to look tidy. The tuft lends itself well to be modeled in different ways with different products- gel or hair wax, but do not overdo it on wet hair.

- Disheveled Rock Haircut. This is suitable for men with straight, wavy or curly hair. This style offers a fresh and perky look. The overall appearance is a little disheveled and textured but always looks effortless. With the fringe significantly longer than the other side and with plenty of volume at the top, the shorter side balances the fringe. It also avoids your head and hair looking too big.

- Shaved-on-the-sides. This haircut shows shaved sides and slightly long hair at the center.  It is very militaristic and is perfect for those who have regular features. It is easy, dressy and very convenient for the summer season.

Summer haircuts 2014 for women

- The Short Cut. If you are really daring when it comes to your hair, go for a super short cut. Just remember to keep a lot of length on top, which adds volume and femininity to your crop.

- Rippled Ponytail. This is more of a hairstyle that works best on any long haircuts. For an eyecatching effect, gather hair into mini ponytails and pull the sides of each section that will create a curvy shape.

- Messy Bun. This looks good on women with naturally wavy hair and cuts. This hairstyle is the easiest way to get your hair off your face and neck and it also looks cute. Gather your hair and twist it until it makes a donut shape. Fasten your hair around the outer edge, secure with bobby pins and pull out a few wispy pieces for an undone look. This is certainly a must-wear on summer.

With summer haircuts 2014, you can now start your summer countdown! As you go, do not forget to keep your hairstyle while enjoying the heat of the sun. Stay chic!