Short Haircuts 2014 – What’s In

Short Haircuts 2014Short Haircuts 2014Who are the best ideas for short haircuts 2014?

There is no doubt that Short haircuts 2014 are popular this year. These haircuts help you as a woman look sexy while at the same time they bring out the shape of your face like never before. Some of the hottest short haircuts for 2014 are listed below.

The Hottest short haircuts for 2014

The Pixie: This style is perfect if you have naturally wavy hair that is thick. For those with fine straight hair you can still pull it off after some work on the hair.

The pompadour: This consists of shaved and puffy sides and anyone can wear this style with much ease.

The Bob: This is a classic style but is still relevant and can be worn with anyone with a nice neck and jaw line.

Demi-Bob: This is essentially a bob that extends in-between the middle of the neck and the shoulder region. This Short haircuts 2014 style can be worn by anyone.

Trendy Short Hairstyles for Women in 2014

Whether you have curly or straight hair, there are trendy short haircuts 2014 for women. Cutting long locks into a trendy short style may seem like a difficult decision, but very few women regret their edgy new look. Getting a short hairstyle is one of the fastest ways to transform your look. Like getting a complete makeover instantly!

Benefits of a Short Hairstyle

Deciding on a new look can be exciting, but a short hairstyle can be beneficial too. Shorter hair is easier to clean and style. With a short hairstyle, hair is healthier. Short hair doesn’t have the breakage and split end problems often found with long hairstyles; as an added bonus it keeps you cooler in the warm summer months.

Types of Short Hairstyles

-Pixie-a short layered cut with fringe
-Bob- a classical cut worn at chin length with or without bangs
-Crop- a very short and cut close to the head, perfect for a spiky look
-Pageboy- a bob worn below the chin and usually with bangs

Short haircuts 2014 for women are one of the hottest new trends. Talk to your hairstylist today and get a whole new look!