Short Hair? In for 2014!

Short hair 2014Short hair 20142013 was indeed a year of braids and long hairstyle for women. But hey, you can’t be hooked for a specific hair trend for quite a long time especially when the year nearly ends. 2014 is near. Basically, a new year means fresh ideas, new things to try like up-to-date fashion trends and hairdo. More possibilities are on the lookout for 2014 including stylish short hairstyle for women.

Short hair 2014

Here are some of the short hairstyles that you can choose for your chic guise for 2014. Read on!

- Bob cut. Women choose this kind of hairstyle since it gives more elegance and it has been in fashion for a long time. This is a short or mid-length haircut for women and seldom for men. Currently, bob cuts are done with several styles often with fringe.

- Pixie. A hairstyle where the hair on top is longer than the back and side part. This is common among working girls because of the low maintenance and flexibility it offers.

- The cascade. Shearing the hair on cascading levels makes its volume thicker. This makes you more feminine. It is suitable for all hair types where the top part of your tresses is longer than the bottom of it.

- Do it with bangs. Any kind of hairstyle will do but this is best paired with bobs. Bangs never get out of line especially in short hairstyles. Bob cuts are usually themed with longer bangs to get a hold of a trendy look. You can also experiment with it. You can either attain a classic form on your forehead or play it with curls.

- Short choppy haircut. An uneven layered hair that creates volume and enhances texture. This will make you will look chic and sexy.

- Short asymmetrical hairstyle. Are you not afraid of trying a new and atypical style? Then check this out! It doesn’t follow the ordinary way of cutting your hair. You can experiment with it and try to go as bold as you like.

- Rock chic hairstyle.  Are you in for some rockin’ and rollin’? This amazing hairstyle will surely rock the crowd and will make you stand out from the rest.

Short hair 2014 is surely awesome and out of the box. It will give you a new look and will even make you a trendsetter. However, no matter what style you are in, the most important thing is you should be comfortable with it. Besides, it is not the hair that counts but the way you carry your own style.