Staying in Fashion with Popular Prom Hairstyles 2014

Popular Prom Hairstyles 2014Popular prom hairstyles 2014What will be the most popular hairstyles for prom night this year?

The popular prom hairstyles 2014 are a great way to be in fashion this season. Fashion is very important for many young women and this is perfectly natural. The styles and colors that were in fashion last year may not be trendy now so it makes sense to do some research before you choose a style. Here are some styles to keep in mind.

Up with elegance

Up dos are totally in now. Putting your hair up for your prom can be done in so many different ways. You could try many of the different bun hairstyles. These can be full buns where all the hair is up. You can also try a new half bun where only half of your hair is in a bun.

Long and wavy

You might also like a long wavy hair look for your prom. Just by leaving your hair down and giving it some waves, you will achieve a totally gorgeous princess-like look. You can choose a tight wave or a loose and bouncy wave. Both of these would look awesome.


You may have found that many colors are in fashion. You may wish to add some color to your hairstyle for some extra flare. You may try some highlights and yes you can do these in different colors.

Even if you are worried about the fashion aspect of your look, you should try to focus on your individual style while taking into account the trends. There are many hairstyles that would look great for your special night. Make sure that you look at several different ones so that you can make the best choice. You may wish to try different options to see which one fits you the best.

There are many elegant and gorgeous hairstyles in the range of popular prom hairstyles 2014. You may be surprised to discover how many different hairstyles are available to you. You may look into adding some color to the hairstyle that you choose to go with. This is not necessary but can be done if you see that you like a certain color.