New hair trends 2014

New hair trends 2014New hair trends 2014How to be fashionable this season?

New hair trends 2014 are soon to take over. If you find your hairstyle (cut and color) boring, don’t worry because the new trends offer awesome choices next season. What are they? Let’s figure out!

New hair trends 2014 for women

- Pixie Haircut. Pixie haircut’s popularity will continue in 2014. It is a hairstyle with choppy layers and asymmetrical bangs. Style your pixie haircut in a sleek way for a glam look and tousled messy for that comfy vibe. Another good thing about this trend is it offers both flexibility and low maintenance. Thus, you will achieve that gorgeous look with minimal effort, convenient right?

- Apple cut bob. This is another short haircut with choppy and asymmetrical layers. You can have apple cut bob with blunt cut edges and bangs. However, this only suits to people with oval shape and soft facial lines.

- Center part. The center part hairstyle will look good in any hair – straight or wavy, long or short. This will also look good on women with round face because it gives the illusion of a less round face.

- Ombre Hair. Ombre is a French word which means shaded or shading. Generally, the hair roots are darker through the mid-shaft and then it gradually gets lighter from the middle to the ends. This hairstyle will look good with sun-kissed skin making it perfect for summer 2014.

New hair trends 2014 for men

- Longer for men. 2014 is about longer hair for men. From sleek to tousled, side swept or slicked back, you will have several styling options next season. With longer hair, you will get the chance to change your hairdo every now and then.

- Prohibition High-and-Tight. This hairstyle has made its comeback. It is very masculine and is ideal for straight hair. To get the right look, just ask your barber to keep the sides as short as possible and fade hair shorter into the nape of your neck and sideburns. Leave at least an inch and a half on top and the edges unsharpened.

- Mainstream Hipster. If your hair is straight to wavy and fine to medium, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Leave at least three inches on top to build the pomp and you can decide to have the side length from short to medium.

2014 offers a wide array of glamorous hair trends. With these, you can find the most optimal style. Just don’t forget to consider what suits you right as you explore the new hair trends 2014!