New long hairstyles for 2014

 New long hairstyles for 2014 New long hairstyles for 2014Whether you are attending a formal occasion or heading to a casual event, the new long hairstyles for 2014 will not let you down. For most women, wearing a gorgeous up-do plays a vital role on the overall appeal. As a matter of fact, self-presentation will not be completed without working on the hairdo.

Rich Wavy Hairstyle

Both men and women love the charismatic effect of long and curly tresses. In this hairstyle, the ends bear waves that give a woman the natural and fabulous look. Whether you like it or not, it will surely grab attention from those who are around you since the curls are full of character and life.

Long Layered Up-do

You can get the beautiful and model look by wearing a long hairstyle with soft layers. With the layers cut in stylish and organized manner, it will give you that modish and sophisticated looks. By adding highlights on it, you set everything to perfection.

Stylishly Chaotic Hairstyle

In this frenzied up-do, the layers start from the crown to obviously cater the messy effect. Afterwards, the tresses are curled and laid in a disorganized manner. Despite the muddled principle used in this hair styling, you will still manage to look in perfect appeal even in a grand occasion.

Straight and Silky Up-do with Layers

Wearing a hairstyle in a straight manner is without a doubt simple yet elegant. Give it a sound character by adding layers on it. Simply get the front sides cut short while the tresses at the back portion are long.

The Wrap

Without a doubt, the new long hairstyles for 2014 are trendy and full of character. As a matter of fact, each has its own way of speaking “hair fashion”. These fashion sense and character will absolutely boost your overall appeal wherever you go.