Natural hairstyles 2014

Natural hairstyles 2014Natural hairstyles 2014Do you have an idea what natural hairstyles 2014 can bring?

But hey, take time to ponder. What does it mean to be natural? You should take a careful thought of your hair condition as to its natural texture and appearance. Having a lot of twist-outs and frequent changing of color can damage your hair. So, why not consider some natural hairstyles while keeping up with fashion trends? That certainly is a good choice!

Natural hairstyles 2014 for men

- The Modern Quiff. This creates a natural look and doesn’t give an idea that you have spent hours getting ready in front of the mirror (Even if you have!). You will also appear beach-ready and manly with this style.

- The Slick Side Part. This is ideal for men with naturally straight hair. This sleek style can also be worn wavy for a two-in-one design inspiration. It also works well on men of all ages, but will be favored by older men who are looking for a way to accentuate a thick crop of healthy hair.

- The Messy Tousle. This kind of hairstyle looks messy but is deliberate in its casual appearance. Messy bed-head look also creates a “bad boy” image which will give you then a youthful and adventurous impression.

Natural hairstyles 2014 for women

- Naturally Curl Hairstyle. This voluptuous style is best suited for those with natural curly hair. If you are looking for a sexy medium-length hairstyle for an oval, oblong, square, or diamond face shapes, this haircut is for you.

- Long, Loose Waves. Polished your natural waves and make it smoother and bouncy. With fine hair and wavy to medium curls, it will be straighter at the roots and have more texture towards the ends. This style will keep your tresses’ natural softness.

- Pixie Cut. This is very suitable for those who have natural fine hair. For women with short hair, this tough but feminine style works on nearly any texture. It can be used to enhance your personality. The best part is, it is quite simple and easy to maintain. Pixie can also be worn in any occasion.

Natural hairstyles 2014 will surely accentuate your natural beauty. Whether you want to look casual or sexy, for office or for special events, there is no way you won’t look stunning and stylish in a natural hairstyle. The catch? Your hair won’t get damage.