Modern Hairstyles 2014 that are Extremely Popular

Modern Hairstyles 2014Modern hairstyles 2014How to be fashionable this year?

Modern hairstyles 2014 play a great role in determining the overall look and personality of an individual.  People are always looking for a hairstyle that not only suits their face cut and personality but also makes them look stylish and trendy. Gone are the days when people would sport the same hairstyle all their life. Haircuts this year are the ones that are not only stylish but also quick to make and maintain.

If you are fortunate enough to have a nice crop of hair over your head, you can choose from many of the modern hairstyles. While short hair and bob cut is once again in fashion and it is also very easy to maintain, there are also many long hairstyles to choose from if you have a face and personality that looks good in longhairs only. If you are a very busy individual with little time left for grooming, it is better for you to adopt one of the many short hair.

Bob cut never seems to gout of style

Hairstyles that are in vogue keep changing with seasons and also with the trends set by celebrities. Bob cut hairstyle that was very famous during the 70’s and 80’shas made a strong comeback and being sported by Hollywood divas also, this is one of the modern hairstyles that shows no signs of disappearing from the scene any time soon.

Ponytails are also very popular

Ponytails are also in vogue these days and they have been adopted by men as well. Pony tails look good and sexy and go well with a carefree attitude. This is one hairstyle that is very easy to maintain and so very popular among men and women who find little time for grooming. There are many more modern hairstyles 2014 that you can choose for yourself depending upon your personality.