Men’s Short and Long Hairstyles 2014

Mens Hairstyles 2014Mens hairstyles 2014

Men hairstyles 2014 are up for grabs. Whether you like your hair shorter or a little bit longer, this year’s trend will surely give you an attractive look. More so, these hairstyles will give you enough reason to change your look and style. Well, who wouldn’t want to be trendy? So, let’s get started and find out which hairstyle suits you best. Read on!

Men’s Short Hairstyles 2014

Extra short hair. If you want to enjoy your summer more and want to avoid your hair getting messy because of sweat, then extra short hair is the best to sport right now. This style can also give you a decent and handsome look.

Very short haircuts. This is another trend that will give you a decent and sexy look. Aside from looking clean, expect to be more appealing with this kind of haircut.

Side haircut. Looking for a unique look this 2014? Then, you will never go wrong with side haircut. This is perfect for someone aiming to have a classic yet trendy look. Side haircut is also good for school boys and those who want to look younger.

Men’s Long Hairstyles 2014

Redken. This is the latest long hairstyle for men in 2014. Redken is ideal for shoulder length and straight silky hairs. Another great thing about this trend is that you can have it with different color tones.

Long curly hair. Boys who want to look handsome and charismatic should try this style. Hairs with ruff and loose curls are the trendiest. It can give you a messy yet striking look.Long wavy haircut with bangs. If you have been dreaming to be a rockstar, then you should never miss the chance to have this hairstyle while it’s still on trend.

Straight long hair. With proper hairdressing, straight long hair will give you a fine and good look. Adding it with a great color tone will also bring out the best in you. For 2014, blonde hair with dark and light shades is the current trend. Men hairstyles 2014 will certainly give you a new and attractive look. Whatever your choice is, either short or long hairstyle, choose the one that suits your personality best. Be stylish!