Long layered hairstyles 2014

Long layered hairstyles 2014Long layered hairstyles 2014Are you looking for a modern hairstyle for long hair?

The long layered hairstyles 2014 are definitely show stoppers. With its flattering volume and texture, more and more women are getting hooked up with the trend. The only problem is, not all the innovated long haircuts will suit all face shapes.

Different Hairstyles for Various Face Shapes

In a long layered hairstyle, it should be remembered that inappropriate selection of haircut can be disastrous. In any other way, it can drag down your long face or worst, highlight the problems such as broad forehead or scar on the face. At this point, selection should greatly depend on what suits your needs and not merely with your preference.

- All around short layers. If your face is square or angular, all around short layers haircut is perfect for you. The hair is cut short while leaving an ample amount of hair in a lengthy manner.

- Long-layers in the front. This hairstyle is suitable for women bearing a round face shape. The hairs on the front are cut at varied lengths while the hair at the back is cut in one-length. To look more fabulous, you can add curls halfway to the end that eventually adds volume.

- Long layers with side bangs. This kind of hairdo will suit all face shapes. The main highlight in this hairstyle is the bangs that are swept in only one side.

- Short face framing. If you want to highlight some of your attributes, the short face framing hairstyle will do the emphasis for you.  In this hairstyle, it simply follows the contour of your face to give you a full-blown hair style.

Add Spice to Long-layered Hairstyle

Although long-layered haircuts are already done and styled as they are, you can still place this trend to the next level. In fact, there is a variety of options that you can use such as hair color, hair arrangement, curls, and use of hair accessories. Just make sure that whatever details you want to add to your hair, it should compliment harmoniously.

Long Hairstyles, Truly Versatile

Long hair is indeed captivating and flattering. You can be someone chic and trendy by simply choosing any of the above long layered hairstyles 2014. More importantly, do not forget to add details on your hair to get that must-have look.