Long hairstyles 2014

Long hairstyles 2014Still searching for a fabulous long hairstyles 2014?

If your long hair is now bothering you because 2014 is upcoming and you still need to look for a new hairstyle, don’t fret too much. You may not know it but long hairstyles are still in trend next year! To get a new appearance, you just need to choose a new style for your lengthy tresses. What options you have then? Read on!

Long Hairstyle 2014

Long layered haircut. If you’ve been carrying that straight long hair all throughout the year, then it’s time for you to reinvent. Try doing some cuts and add layers for more volume and texture. This will surely be a transformation from a dull straight hair into a sexy layered cut!

- Wavy hairstyle. If you don’t like layers into your hair, why not opt for a livelier hairstyle like wavy tresses? You can use some rollers or curling iron to achieve that gorgeous wavy style. Remember, wavy hairstyle never runs out of style!

- Long hairstyle with braids. Braided hairstyles are still ‘in’ for 2014. You can experiment from styling your hair from top to bottom. You can braid the topmost part of your hair and let the rest fall on its end. In any way, apply new ideas into your style!

- Long straight haircut with bangs. Some people are better off with their straight long hair. But you can’t stay grounded with the same style every year, eh? You should try reinventing yourself by putting up some bangs. A straight cut with the bangs fashionable!

- Long hair with hair color. If you are not afraid to express your individuality, try bright hair colors. It can attract attention from other especially when incorporated with the right hairstyle that complements your features.

Long hairstyles 2014 are nothing short of trendy and modern. They can even make you a trendsetter when you know what style is perfect for you. But remember, no matter what fashion you are in, try to put some personality on it because it is so much better to walk based on your style and not on what the trend dictates.

Long blond hairstyles 2014

Long blond hairstyles 2014Long blond hairstyles 2014 will give you a lot of variants, because long hair will always stay fashionable. And everything is up to you – you can prefer to leave it without making any special hairstyle or choose a style that will fit the shape of your face.

Especially when you prepare for a party, you want to look beautiful and gorgeous so this can take you hours in front of the mirror. But long hair can look great just floating naturally over the back and the shoulders. And if you want to add some volume to your hair, then making layers will help you to achieve this. Make your hairstyle more beautiful with the layers.

The interest that was for the extended locks is not still the same after the season is coming to its end. You may ask yourself why they are not so well-known now. The reason is actually not so complicated. Music activity is the thing that has influence over long blonde hairstyles 2014.

That is why some hairstyles are more popular then others. Within the late 80s and 90s, they have been popular, and even though they are better in many factors than other haircuts, it was not well enough so that they continue to be popular.

If you have more imagination, and you take a look how the other people choose their hairstyle, you can use long blonde locks and hairstyles 2014 to make experiments and test how it will look on your hair. So for the haircuts of this year you mostly use your creativeness, except the hair items.

Sometimes it is difficult to clean it, but after you complete with your shower, this will help you feel warm and cozy during the cold winter days. Long blonde hairstyles 2013 could be ideal for any circumstances; they will make you feel great and could be the ideal choice for your long hair.