Long Haircuts for 2014

Long Haircuts for 2014Long Haircuts for 2014Are you looking modern hairstyles for long hair?

Hair is every woman’s crowning glory. It ascribes femininity and can come in several styles as the world continues to revolve for advancement. Few months to go before the year 2013 ends and you should have plans for your new look as the New Year comes. While many hairstyles will catch your attention, long haircuts can still be your option.

Long Haircuts for 2014

- Long Wavy Hairstyle. One of the few styles that never goes out of fashion. Wavy hairstyle combines sophistication and elegance. It works perfectly on day or night occasions. What you will need to achieve this natural look is just a paddle brush in order to create volume and bouncy curls and waves. The more your hair looks naturally fixed, the more it looks stunning.

- Long With Tight Curls. This style shows your wild side. All you need are beautifully blended, round layers all around your head to lend weight without looking heavy. What makes it good is that it works for all face shape. You just have to keep the layers on the longer side.

- Long Layered Haircut. You just need to make some cuts here and there to create layers. Layers add style and body to long hair. With this trend, it’s a good choice for those who enjoy straight hair and want a cut that keeps well and does not require much styling. It will give you a fashionable yet fierce look.

- Long Hair with Bangs. This cut can soften a strong jaw or thin out a round face. If you want to add bangs to a long hairstyle, don’t cut them too wide. The bangs should create a triangle shape that aligns with the outer corners of your eyes. Also, don’t make the layers around your face too short.

- Long Straightened Hair. Remember, no styles work well with long straight hair if it is dull and damaged. Hence, make sure to pay exceptional attention to your hair needs. Long straight hair adds lightness to the cut. It can create a classic and sophisticated look without exerting too much effort.

- Long Shag Hairstyle. This hairstyle can definitely make you look fabulous. It also works well with different face shapes.  With long shag hairstyle, you will surely look classy and stylish.

There you go. The six best long haircuts for 2014.  If you think your hair length wouldn’t achieve the whole look, you have nothing to worry about. You still have few more months to keep it growing. Just remember that whatever hairstyle you choose, it won’t be worth a head-turn if it is dull and boring. So, before you make it longer, keep it healthy by consistently attending to its basic care and treatment to maintain its natural glory.