Hot Medium Hairstyles For 2014

Medium Hairstyles 2014  Of all the different cuts, medium hairstyles 2014 are the most versatile. It can be blunt cut for a trendy look but catch a wave or two on another occasion and pay tribute to the 40s. Medium cuts are not for those of you who like to wear your hair the same way every day. Short hairstyles have a more limited appeal that not all women can pull off. But a medium haircut is definitely for women who enjoy experimenting and have the confidence to pull it off.

What are some of the styles for a Medium Hairstyle?

The length and layers, or lack of them, are what determines any good hairstyle. A medium hairstyle could frame the face just to the jawline or just touch the shoulders.  Fine hair greatly benefits from a medium cut. It can be cut to look wispy and parted to the side you might be mistaken for Cameron Diaz.

A little longer do, parted on the side and just reaching the collarbone can look elegant when wearing a LBD or casual and fun when pulled back while shopping in skinny jeans.

Bangs or No Bangs?

I you’re deciding on a medium hairstyle you can go with bangs or you can appear as if you have bangs.With the hair cut all one length with wispy ends, you can sweep the hair right across your face to get the look of bangs without having to grow them out again when you change your mind. If you already have bangs and can’t live without them they will work fine with a medium cut that frames the face. Think Heidi Klum.

What are the Medium New Hairstyles 2014?

Some of the best of the medium new hairstyles 2014 look sleek but not obvious. They are at their best when there are highlights for the smooth do to work from. But good shiny hair always makes a tight bob pop. It always looks neat but not compulsive.

If you prefer a more natural look simply let your hair air dry and then use your products to crimp and bring in some waves and even curls. Once you get the right effect, tussle and spray lightly so it keeps the curl but looks more natural.

Taking the courage to try a new style is never easy. Check out the medium hairstyles 2014 – they could be just the new direction you’re looking for.