Hairstyle 2014

Hairstyle 2014Hairstyle 2014You don’t need a fashion expert to tell you that hairstyle 2014 are better and bigger. With all the trends expected to come out this season, you surely are in for a creative ride. Whether you want to cut your locks short or opt for a new hair color, you will never run out of options. So, why don’t we get started in breaking down hairstyles 2014 for men and women!

Hairstyle 2014 for Women

- The long hair. This sounds typical but it doesn’t end there. Remember, you could do almost everything with your hair when it is longer. With long tresses, you can go for a naturally-wavy hair or a partially-curled hairstyle. Either way, add some cuts and layers to make it trendier and prettier.

- Short but cute. Hair experts said that choppy layers accented with sided bangs can make your short hair stunning. This is a chic option for women who are tired of wearing and managing long locks. Just don’t forget to consider your face shape before you fully decide to cut your hair short.

- Tie it. Traditional ponytail, braids and buns – these are the common ways to tie your hair. While all these may sound simple, you can always experiment and make your hair look even more stylish with hair accessories. Remember, it is just a matter of using your resources to totally nail it!

- Color is cool. Nothing is wrong in keeping your hair’s natural color. But c’mon, isn’t it time to be a little bit chic and sexy by dying your hair? Several hair colors are expected to rule 2014 and you should take advantage of them. Besides, you can always choose a hair color that you’re comfortable with.

Hairstyle 2014 for Men

Hairstyle 2014 for MenHairstyle 2014 for Men

- Edgy cut. Men could just go to the barbers and let the experts do the work. However, it is time to have your say on the matter. Tell your hairstylist to cut your hair in an edgy look and for sure, there is no reason why you won’t look dashing and attractive.

- Additional color. Haircuts and styles could be worn better by adding some colors. While you can choose any color you want, hair experts suggest that lighter shades are the trend on 2014, considering how such colors enhance men’s features.

- Style it yourself. Like women, men are fashionable and have a way to style their mane. And for some reasons, I don’t believe you are an exception. So, why don’t you style your hair and sport it the way you want it? Using some wax and gel will surely do the trick for you. The catch? You can have different hairstyle everyday regardless of your haircut.

Hairstyle 2014 are for grabs. They can help you to be confident and enjoy the rest of the season especially when you got that certain hairstyle that defines your personality.