Hair 2014:What you should never missed out!

Hair 2014Hair 2014Who want to look trendy this season?

Hair 2014 is far better and trendier. They are up for grabs for you to be a trendsetter among your friends and colleagues. Next season’s hairstyles are also a great way to bring out the best in you and be someone like your celebrity idol.

Hair 2014 for women

- Faux hawk haircuts. This is the one of the most stylish short haircut for women and considered as up-to-the-minute hairstyle. With faux hawk, hair is cut longer near the forehead and can be styled with wax or gel to create long bangs upward and forward. This is perfect if you are a party person.

- V – Shaped symmetrical braid. This kind of hairstyle will be hotter next year. By creating two symmetrical braids from the root of your hair and combining them at the back to form a v-shaped style, you will be ready to look sassy and chic in an effortless manner. While this trend promises beauty, it can only be worn by women with long locks.

- Chic bob with swept side bangs. If you want to look modern and sexy, this might be the right hair for you next season. Bob with swept side bangs is ideal for women with long face as it proportioned your features. This hairstyle is designed with straight razor layers that shows ragged look at the ends.

Hair 2014 for men

- Long buzz hawk cut. It is similar to faux hawk but is laid up with a long buzz cut, top layers and curls. The top section of the hair is held in place making it longer while two sides are buzz cut over the ears. Long buzz hawk is no doubt a hot style for men.

- Japanese layered style. This is a little bit spiky that adds boyish and easy-going look. It is very appealing and charming making it ideal for teens and men who want to look cool and trendy in 2014.

- Laid back and casual. This is best for men who wants to look attractive but in a casual style. Short layers, short cuts and slightly layered at the back makes men more relaxed and haggard-free.

These are just some of the hairstyles that will rock your world. As time goes, more and more hair 2014 will be revealed. Whatever your face shape is and whatever fashion you are in, you will never run out of options. So, never miss them!