Hair colors 2014

Hair colors 2014Hair colors 2014How to choose the best hair color for this year?

Hair colors 2014 are perfect for women who want to dramatically change their looks. While the 2013 offers chic hair colors, next year is even better, hotter and trendier. Whether you want to look sexy, alluring or sassy, you will never run out of options. But of course, you will always need to consider what suits you best. Read on!

Hair colors 2014 for women

- Dark brown or Chocolate. This is considered to be the most favorable option for brown-haired and brunettes. Dark brown and chocolate also works well with women who have lighter skin.Aside from the trendy look it provides, these shades are perfect if you want to look sassy and sophisticated.

- Blonde. Blonde hair seems to be never out of fashion. Whether you want to be attractive or charming, such look can be easily achieved with this shade. Not to mention that blonde guarantees admiring look from the male population.

- Red. Redheads are always popular and attention-grabber. It is both stylish and bright that would add color to your aura. However, you have to choose a shade of red which is smoother and discreet. It also has to look natural to avoid looking absurd.

- Frosty Platinum Blond. This is ideal for women with asymmetrical pixie hairstyle. It will not only amp your hair but it will also make you look fabulous and daring. This is also an easy favorite of girls who want to try something new after cutting their hair short.

- Ash Blond. Taylor Swift is one of the celebrities who have worn this shade. Ash blonde can make darker blonde vibrant especially with lighter highlights around the top and through the ends.The color also offers a sense of maturity.

- Honey Highlights. This is one of the hair colors 2014 for women you shouldn’t miss tying especially if you got brunette waves. Honey highlights will make your hair look cool and warm. It will also make you look party-ready and ultra stunning.

- Chestnut. If you want to wear a fashionable dark hair, chestnut shade is the way to go. This is ideal for office girls or socialites who want to look sophisticated and sexy. Chestnut also serves a dramatic transformation especially if you have been dabbling light tresses.

Hair colors 2014 are indeed must-try. But remember, whatever hair color is your favorite, you should always settle for a shade the compliment your features and skin best. Be beautiful!