2014 Hairstyles for Women

2014 Hairstyles for Women2014 Hairstyles for WomenNo matter what hair length you want to add style on, the 2014 hairstyles for women can give you a boost to your personality. In fact, this year has unraveled many chic and fashionable looks that actually come in detailed and artistic cutting. All these hairstyles will not only delight your personality, but will also inspire those who are around you.

Trendy Short Hair Cuts

Short hairstyles are becoming more appealing to women of any ages. Given the fact that these hairstyles provides too much versatility, you will not surely run out of options in styling your new look whether you are an office girl, a student, or a mother of playful kids.

When you opt for short haircuts, make it sure that you are brave enough to face the odds. To avoid any regrets in the end, you better start off with simple hairstyles that would fit your personality. You can as well ask your hairstylist on what hairdo will best suit you such a cropped pixie haircut, angular bob hairstyle, or blunt bob with an adorable side-swept fringe.

Stunning Medium Hairstyles

If you are too afraid to make a drastic short haircut, you can always turn to medium hairstyles. With a medium hair length, you can style your hair the way you want it. You can style your hair in one length or you can go for an asymmetrical hairdo.

In medium hairstyles, you can open doors of styling options apart from mere cutting of tresses. One of which that you will surely love is adding colors to your tresses like the blue shade that will best complement if you have sea-green eyes. Another thing that you can do is adding voluminous curls that are indeed luscious whenever it bounces.

Lovely Long Hairstyles

Styling of long hair seems to be limitless. Just like on short and medium short haircuts, you can also have your tresses go on one-length or in asymmetrical. You can also play with your hair in braids, pullbacks, curls, and even with striking highlights.

Taking it All Wrapped Up

The cut is not the only thing that counts when it comes to 2014 hairstyles for women. It also bears the way you style your hair and bring yourself in an astounded grandeur. Hence, the cut and the details have to come hand in hand together for a fabulous look.