Bob Hairstyles 2014 – What Is Trendy

Bob Hairstyles 2014Bob Hairstyles 2014What kind of hairstyles will be in fashion this season?

Bob hairstyles 2014 are particularly hot this year. Bob hairstyles always change with each passing year and this year there have been bob haircuts 2014 with bangs and we also saw curls being added to the bob hairstyles. Some of the popular bob hairstyles currently include:

Popular bob hairstyle for 2014

Split Blunt End Bob-This particular style includes a parted bob expression incorporated with selected blunt endings and fringes in the front blunt. To get the best out of this style, you can combine it with some long heavy earrings.

Graduated Bob- Graduated Bob is a style that looks very elegant and stylish; even though it may have some boyish looks, it stands out to be very flamboyant.

Lopsided Choppy Bob Cut: Unlike other bob hairstyles 2014 with bangs, this style needs you to be bold enough if you want to pull it off properly.

Curly Short Cropped Bob: This particular bob haircut is perfect if you have a long and sharp face. If you pull it off properly, you will end up looking stylish yet sophisticated at the same time.

Side Swept Large curly Bob: This stands out as one of the trendiest bob hairstyles of 2014. As the name suggests, the style features a large curly bob incorporated with big end curls that have been swept to the sides.


Bob hairstyles 2014 are very elegant and stylish but when it comes to choosing one for you, select the one that will work well with the shape of your face to get the best results.

The Long Bob: For Every Hair Type

Long bob hairstyles 2014 are a great option if you are looking for a new hairstyle with the edginess of bob, but aren’t quite ready to commit to the drastic change of a short cut. A long bob can be sophisticated and elegant or sleek and sexy.

Benefits of a Long Bob Hairstyle

-A long bob includes multi-dimensional layers for a softer look.
-The cut gives the appearance of longer hair because it is slightly longer in the front and shorter in the back.
-The long bob hairstyle is versatile. It looks great with straight, thick, wavy, and even thin

If you are wanting a new hair style, but aren’t ready for a short hairstyle, the long bob is the cut for you! Talk to your hair stylist; she can help you find the perfect long bob hairstyles 2014 for you.