Black hairstyles 2014

Black hairstyles 2014Black hairstyles 2014Why black hairstyles are the perfect choice this year?

Black hairstyles 2014 can make you standout and a trendsetter among your group. The beauty and elegance it can give you is nearly second to none. More so, black will make you look sexy and mysterious especially with an ultra-modern hairstyle.

Black hairstyles 2014 long hair

If you aim to look glamorous, going for a long black hairstyle is the best thing to do. To give you an idea for a beautiful makeover, check out the following black hairstyles 2014 long hair.

-Loose straight hairstyle. If you want to look vampy and complement any outfit you wear, going for a loose hairstyle with a straight black hair is the best option.

-Polished up-do hairstyle. This is very popular among women with long black hair. The style can give you a bit mature yet refreshing aura.

-Ponytail. This is a simple hairstyle that will make you look attractive and irresistible. Coupled with trendy outfit, there is no reason why you won’t be easily noticed. If you want to get a romantic look, loose a few hair strands on the sides.

-High beehive bun. Achieving a sophisticated and glamorous look is possible with this hairstyle. A little twist and bun is all you need to get the perfect appearance.

Curls and waves. Have you noticed how gorgeous celebrities are with curly and wavy black long hair? If they can achieve such look, there is no reason why you can’t.

Black hairstyles 2014 with bangs

Bangs are hot in 2014. It can turn your boring hairstyle into the hottest trend this season. But what black hairstyle with bangs suits you best? Let’s find out!

Short hair with bangs. Short hair like pixie and bob are in this year. The good thing is, you can get these cuts with a black hair with bangs. But this hairstyle is ideal if your face is oval or heart-shaped.

-Medium length hair with bangs. This is a hairstyle that won’t fail you in looking young and fresh. It can transform your look pretty well especially with the effect of the black color.

-Long hair with bangs. Whether you opt for a straight or curly long hair with bangs, your season will never go wrong. This cut will make you stunning and ultra-beautiful.

Black hairstyles 2014 are really must-try. It can change your appearance to a whole new level of glam and beauty. But whatever you choose, never forget to consider the shape of your face and your color to get your desired look. Be beautiful!