Best haircuts 2014

Best haircuts 2014Best haircuts 2014What are the new trends for this season?

Best haircuts 2014 will give you identity. They are dynamic as young people prefer asymmetrical hairstyles as much as middle-aged love short haircuts. They also offer unusual yet gorgeous look that will easily attract attention. With that in mind, what are the best haircuts for 2014?

Best haircuts 2014 for women

- Bob cut. Bob hairstyles are quite in fashion for a long time now. This haircut is very convenient because it can go for both short and long hair lengths. Most women from the different age groups adopt this haircut because it looks sophisticated. It comes with a fashionable bob haircut with long locks at the front and side parting. For this year, the chicest bob style has been Side Swept Large Curly Bob.

- Pixie cut. Gutsy and classy are those who wear pixie cut. It is short and gorgeous. Plunge into this one-of-a-kind haircut if you have either an oval, square or heart-shaped face. It comes off more beautifully in waves.

- Quiff. There is a new hairstyle in town! Ladies and gentlefolks, may we introduce the Quiff—yes, the Quiff haircut. Made popular by Rihanna, this hot and funky hairstyle started to make waves on 2012. It is paired with long bangs and short hair on sides and at the back. To make it trendier, pair it with sexy streak of highlights.

Best Haircuts for men

- Slicked back under cut. This is the most adorable and attractive haircut for men today. It was introduced way back 1920’s but still amazingly popular with the younger generations at their 30’s and 40’s. It is a bit classy and will give you a fashion statement. It goes perfectly with straight, thick hair.

- Brit Rock indie hairstyle. If you want to look cool and manly, then you should opt for this hairstyle. It works for curly and straight hair making it suitable for nearly all guys. It will also emphasize your features.

- Men’s quiff.  Quiff is also one of best haircuts to look forward to this 2014. It is a combination of spikes and back combing making it a smart choice for men. Whether you want to look manly or beach-ready, quiff can give you both.

Best haircuts 2014—some are new, some are classic. But the bottomline is, they are yours to take and enjoy.