Asymmetrical Hairstyles 2014

Asymmetrical Hairstyles 2014Asymmetrical Hairstyles 2014How to be fashionable with a new haircut?

Say goodbye to 2013’s hairdos and happily welcome the asymmetrical hairstyles 2014. You might say these hair trends are crazy, but hold your horses first. The variants of symmetrical haircuts are actually gaining popularity from teenagers to mature women.

Getting the Edge with Asymmetrical Hairstyle

With the term “asymmetric” itself, it defines a hair cut that follows an unbalanced pattern. With its unequal cuts, the style tends to be bold and versatile making it suitable for those individuals who are up for experimentation and thrill.

The asymmetrical trend is flexible in ways that it can adapt to your needs. In fact, no matter what the shape of your face is, asymmetrical haircut can just adjust with your face. As for mature women, it can create a younger looking personality.

Asymmetrical Hairstyle Ideas

When you have decided to give asymmetric hairstyle a try, you can choose among these haircut options.

- Short asymmetrical haircuts. There is a variety of short asymmetric hairstyles. The first option is cutting your hair shorter on one side while the succeeding cuts towards the head are gradually longer. Lastly, you can try the pixie hairstyle by simply cutting the hair longer at the top of the head, then extending a part of it towards your forehead.

- Medium asymmetrical haircuts. If you do not want to cut your hair short, you can try out the medium-length asymmetrical haircut. An example of this is the bob haircut at which you will have to cut the hair shorter at one side and placing it at the back of the ear afterwards. As for the other side, the hairs are lengthened.

- Long asymmetrical haircuts. These kinds of hairstyles can be depicted in many ways. You can have your hair cut shorter at the back of your neck while the anterior portion is longer. Another brave styling is cutting the hairs on one side using a razor while leaving the hair on the other side lengthy.

In asymmetric hairstyles 2014, it takes courage and confidence in trying out the new trend. It is primarily because two different styles are utilized to give you one cohesive and well-complimented look. See the results for yourself!