2014 haircuts

2014 haircuts 2014 haircuts

What will be the fashion for 2014 haircuts?

2014 hairstyles are far trendier and hotter compared to the hairstyles of recent years. They are more assertive and modern. Whatever you decide to wear this year as long as it is perfect for your face profile, you will surely look chic and stunning. To give you some ideas on the best 2014 haircuts for women, this page has rounded up a list for you. Read on!

Haircuts trends for 2014

- Short haircuts. Short hair has made a classic comeback this year. If you are ready to make a bold statement and define your personality, then this is the perfect time to cut your hair short. You will have various options with pixie, short bob, demi-bob, very-short haircut, short and edgy cuts, short undercut and short curly haircut. These are all modern haircuts that will give you a sexy and sophisticated look. With the right hair color, you will definitely be a trend-setter.

- Medium haircuts. This is also gaining popularity as one of 2014 haircuts trends. Medium haircuts are ideal if you are afraid to cut your hair very short or if you don’t have time to polish a long hair as it offers both flexibility and low maintenance. The styles you can choose from with a medium length hair includes medium wavy, medium curly, medium length with side swept bangs, layered medium with bangs, medium bob and medium length shag.

- Long haircuts. This is perhaps one of the haircuts for women that will never be out of fashion. Long haircuts are still in demand this year by women who want to look beautiful and elegant. The good thing about this 2014 hair trend is that anyone can wear it anytime. It is easy to style especially on important occasion. The haircuts you can try with a long hair are long haircut with bangs, long layered either in curly or straight fashion, long wavy haircut with side-swept bangs and long bob.

2014 haircuts are really must-try if you want to get a new look this year. You don’t need to be afraid if your new haircut will look good on you or not. All you need to do is to consult your stylist and see what’s best for your face shape. From there, you will surely get the look you deserve. Be chic!