Hairstyles 2014

Hairstyles 2014

How to choose the best hairstyle for 2014?

Haircuts 2014 can make a great change on how you look. Wearing one of the latest hair trends this year will boost your confidence and will make you ultra stylish. While most of these hairstyles are fabulous, you need to choose the one that suits you best to avoid being a fashion disaster. So, why not check out the following hairstyles and figure out which one is for you?

Hairstyles 2014 for women

- Layered short haircut. Looking modern is easy with this hair trend especially if you incorporate it with the right hair color. The most-sought after colors right now are blonde and black or the combination of the two will also do.

- Short undercut hairstyles. Short hairstyles are hot right now and short undercut is one of them. It will draw attention to your features while leaving you an assertive and awesome look. Regardless of how short it is, you can wear it any social situation with style and confidence.

- Short curly hairstyle. If you want to be wild and sexy in 2014, you must opt for this hairstyle. It will make you the ultimate stunner and very stylish. While most women would prefer long curly locks, this year is different since short curly hairstyles are more in demand than long curly tresses.

Hairstyles 2014- Medium length shag. This is one of the hairstyles 2014 for women that are low-key. It is a classic choice if you are not ready for a too short mane or if you are tired wearing your locks long. Medium length shag is very modern that will make you look chic especially with layers and bangs.

- Medium length curly hair. To make the most out of this hair trend, try adding side bangs. It will add twist and volume to your hair while enhancing your natural features and beauty. To keep your hair manageable, you can use a conditioner or an anti-frizz serum.

- Layered wavy hairstyle. If you have a round face and you need to soften your features, try wearing this hairstyle. Layered wavy locks will make you pretty and womanly. It can also turn your boring hairstyle into a fabulous and trendy one.

Hairstyles 2014 will define your personality as a woman. They can help you achieve the look you want to have. With the perfect hair cut and hair color, you will surely be in for a big turnaround in your appearance this year.

New hairstyles for 2014

New hairstyles for 2014New haircuts 2014 are breath of fresh air. Both women and men who are looking for awesome hair trends will never run out of option. You can easily find your perfect hairstyle match by looking at magazines, watching fashion shows or even just noticing your favorite celebrity. But since you are in this page, check out the list below that will give you an idea on the best hair trend for you. Read on!

Best hairstyles 2014 for women

- Pixie. If you want to look chic and smart, then you should opt for this hairstyle. Pixie is a great option if your locks are naturally wavy or straight. It offers both flexibility and low maintenance that will help you save time in fixing your tresses.

- Modern bob. Whether you choose a short or demi bob, tousled or messy, you will still look beautiful and assertive. With the right hair color, there is no way you won’t deserve a second look while wearing this hairstyle.

- Long black hairstyles. If you can’t leave your long hair just yet, you have an option to make it black. The color itself will draw attention to your features. It will also make you look stunning and classic.

- Layered bang. This is one of the best hairstyles 2014 that will define the features of your hair while adding volumes to it. While layered bang also work for long hair, it looks even better in medium length.

Best hairstyles 2014 for men

- Top-heavy and wavy. This is a low-key hairstyle that is ideal if your hair is naturally wavy. To get the perfect look, you just need to cut your medium length hair a little shorter at the sides and a little longer in the front. What you need to achieve is a slightly undone hairstyle that will make you sexier and more appealing.

New hairstyles for 2014- Tousled long layers. This year, long layers are no longer about tresses that reach the shoulder. It is shorter and not totally messy. Bradley Cooper is currently sporting one of the hottest tousled long layers that other men can also try. With this hairstyle, you will achieve both clean and handsome appearance while looking totally stylish.

- The James Franco. This is one of the best hairstyles 2014 for men that suit any situation. The James Franco hair trend is ideal if you have been opting for shaggy bobs or beach bum look. Another good thing about this style is that it offers low maintenance as you can sport it anywhere with less styling effort.

- Messy top cut. This works best on nearly all types of hair. It has choppy cuts and layers that are suitable for men who don’t use hair products more often just to keep their locks in shape. To achieve the appropriate cut, make sure to have a stylist who can make it right for you.

New hairstyles 2014 are must-try. With the great result you can get from them, you have every reason to leave your 2013 hairstyle and say hello to a whole new you for this year. So, visit your stylist now!

Men’s hairstyles 2014

Men’s hairstyles 2014Men’s haircuts 2014 are hotter and trendier compared to recent seasons. You talk about the most appealing hair trend and the first thing that will come to mind is a curly hairstyle. Unlike straight hair that some men prefer, curly locks will give you a whole new personality. It will make you more attractive and interesting to women.

While men’s curly hairstyles 2014 are great choices, you need to be careful in choosing the right one for you. Keep in mind that wrong choice of curly hair trend can ruin your image. To help you out, this page has rounded up few of the curly hairstyles you can choose from. Read on!

- Controlled chaos. This year, it is no longer about mass of curls. The trend right now is controlled curls that are easy to manage and maintain. It is also a bit shorter that will give you a clean and manly look. But if you want to show your wild side through controlled curls, you can choose the version of James Franco which is messier and wilder.

- Beach-y curls. Looking as if you just come from the beach and has been riding waves is really sexy. It will make you look more appealing and attractive. You just need the right haircut and a little moose to achieve that kind of look.

- Clipped short. You should never miss this trend if your locks are curly. Men’s curly hairstyles 2014 that are short will give you a great look especially if you want to appear serious yet still stylish.

- A bit shaggy. Whether you have loose curls or strong wave, you will never go wrong

with shaggy. It will make you look creative and cool, modern and decent. How much more if you add the perfect hair color?

- Medium locks with ringlets. This is a fun way to be fashionable and show off your curly hair. You just have to leave your hair in medium length to allow ringlets to form. From there, you will get the look you want.

Men’s hairstyles 2014 are ideal whether you want to sport a long or short hairstyle. They can make your year a lot better and trendier. Just make sure to get the right haircut and the perfect style when you visit your barber the next time.

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